Shawn Seckerson - Entrepreneur and Explorer

Shawn Seckerson

A fashion and marketing professional, Shawn Seckerson has nearly two decades of experience in business, including founding a women's boutique. Through her leadership of Attitudes4U in Jamestown, North Dakota, she marketed a diverse range of products using advertising techniques ranging from handing out business cards and flyers to airing ads on the radio. Shawn Seckerson attributes her success to positive efforts such as keeping staff motivated and building client relationships.

Her business experience also includes managing bookkeeping for the Seckerson Farms Partnership for more than a decade and distributing Miche Handbags, which she helped establish in the retail market. She earned her degree in fashion marketing and management at NW Technical College-Moorhead.

In her leisure time, she loves exploring and finding time to undertake a variety of adventures into new territories. She enjoys spending time with her kids through outdoor activities such as bike riding, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and scuba diving. She also shares her sense of fashion with others whenever the opportunity arises.